Payment from my first buyer

Hi, i’m a new nfts creator and yesterday i got my first buyer, she’s already bought my nft for 4 eth and i got notification from opensea at my email, and then i got QR code from my buyer to finishing this transaction, then i scan it and i connect my wallet, Then I was redirected to opensea to complete the transaction, there are two button up there, for option “get coins” and “disconnect wallet”, Because I do not understand about this transaction method, i ask her and she tell me to click “get coins” button, i click it and i think that is how i got my payment from her, but when i want to take my eth from there, Opensea prevent me because I don’t have enough balance, and i ask to help support In the bottom corner of the screen, i ask about it and it tell me I must have at least 0.55 eth in my wallet to can i get the payment, my wallet is empty so i can’t take it and i have 22 hour remaining before the payment has burned, now she Made a complaint to opensea And maybe soon my account will be blocked from opensea

Can you help me about this, This will be an important lesson for me

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Hello @KaptenPrasety0, welcome to MetaMask community!

This sounds like a scam. Disconnect your wallet from that website you connected it to, and check for any kind of approvals you might have given the website to access any of your tokens and revoke them all.

Opensea doesn’t operate like that. Transactions are processed and done in a decentralized way. There will never be a QR code to get what someone would pay for an NFT you would create.
The official Opensea website is .

Always make sure you access official websites and channels and NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys with anyone.


Hi @Chinzilla thank you

But why opensea send me an email to notice me “your nft sold”? And now opensea send me one more email, that my buyer make a complaint, how it possible could happen?

would you like to explain to me about step by step transaction at opensea, i need to learn

Are you absolutely sure you are interacting with the correct Opensea website?

You do get a message that your NFT sold when you sell an NFT, but the ETH for it arrives automatically in your wallet address. I don’t know how a complaint works at Opensea or if that’s even a thing for them, as transactions are final on the blockchain and you might actually be interacting with a scam website since the start.

Check the website i linked and get in contact with them through the official channels they are on, at the bottom of the page. Do everything else i mentioned as well. And do check 2-3 times very thoroughly if you are new to web3 and don’t know what you’re doing, before engaging in anything.


@Chinzilla and this from the site

I’ll send my screenshot from my email, maybe you know is this actually from the opensea team

Those are scams 100%. Look at the website name at the top and the email sender. No such thing, total scam.

Read my first answer to you again, in it’s entirety, but calm down before you do it. FOMO is not good ever. You are in a hurry to get money and in this process, you will get scammed if you don’t educate yourself.

Start on this page:
Scroll down and go through each category that’s of interest to you and start reading. But first, do what i said in my first answer to you. Disconnect from everything you connected to and revoke any approvals or permissions you can find on


Okay thanks, This is a very important experience for me, i’ll do what you said

@Chinzilla can i ask one more question? So if someone want to buy my nft, they just have to buy it and i’ll get my payment, i mean the eth automaticly get in to my wallet? I have to do nothing, there is no scan or connect anything i have to do? Example if you buy my nft, you just pay in the opensea site without Contact me, i just get my eth into my wallet automaticly?

Openseil*su is just a stupid scam. Always check the site using google.

When you sell NFT you do not scan any QR code.
They would steal everything from you.


@Luigi thanks bro, i haven’t seen it before, I’m too hasty

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@KaptenPrasety0 follow the crypto rule: never rush :smile: scammers are waiting around every corner.
They create similar pages to deceive you.


Okay thanks @Luigi i have to learn anything about crypto so that I will not be deceived again, Luckily my wallet was still empty so there was nothing she could take

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I would suggest to create a new MetaMask wallet entirely and use the new one instead of this old one that you connected to a scam, as i’m not sure what the QR did. Better be safe than sorry. You aren’t losing anything anyway.

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Thanks @Chinzilla With this I want to start my nft project again with more caution

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