Sold nft for 5 eth never got payment or running late?

I recently got into posting my art on openseas and making it into nfts.I got a offer for 5 eth so I pulled the trigger on that. Problem is that the official support representative from the succure transaction page on the official opensea site said that I had to pay for the gas and verification or whatever. So I did. After that she said I would get my buyers money and my money back after 12 hours. It’s been 4 days no money in my MetaMask. Help please? Here is the 2 txns

Txn1 0x0c65529b2790e2bdfa8f5c36d83676b31bb4d4d96e8ff4e05022d8fdec2f1bbc


And the official email reads
Congratulations, your item sold !

You successfully sold your NFT for 5.0957 ETH on OpenSea.


How to get payment for sold NFTs ?

You must receive a unique QR code from the buyer. The seller must scan the unique QR code with their device camera to access the OpenSea Secure transaction page. Once the wallet is connected, the merchant must be successfully verified in order to receive the buyer’s payment.

Once the transaction is complete, you will have the sale displayed in your OpenSea account.

Attention: One of the benefits of the OpenSea Secure transaction is The Personal Manager.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the OpenSea Secure transaction support chat. This chat is located in the lower right corner of the OpenSea Secure transaction page.

Thank you

The OpenSea Team

@Chuck2 ,

This is a scam. This is not how buying/selling works on OpenSea. When your item sells, you automatically get the funds the user bought at in your MetaMask account. If you sent any money, it is gone. NEVER send money to anyone requesting it.

ONLY contact OpenSea support on their official support page which is , look in the upper right hand corner for ‘submit a ticket.’

Be careful of emails you get, scammers can use this to try and phish your account. They will pose as legit OpenSea.

Would also like to note, MetaMask will never initiate contact with you through email. If you ever get an email that says we need KYC documents, or that you need to upgrade your account, or that your funds will be frozen if you don’ t send funds/move funds, these are all also scams.

Basically, if you get a message asking you to send funds out of the blue, be suspicious and come ask about it first.


OK thanks I will contact support I feel mentally stupid

You shouldn’t. This space is a constant learning process for us all.

But, please be very careful. What you’re describing is a scam. Don’t want you getting scammed for more. Do not give up any personal information. Do not contact support through that message you got, that is 100% a scam (the one asking you for more money). Do not verify or input your Secret Recovery Phrase anywhere.


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