Pending Transaction not on Etherscan

My transaction has been pending since last night.
I cancelled the transaction in the morning but it kept pending.
I had the option of speeding up my transaction, I did this but it never even appeared on Etherscan.
I also after canceling use the option to speed up the cancelation also this did nothing.

Also tried to overwrite the transaction with a new one with the right nonce and a high gas fee, again not on etherscan and nothing changed still pending.

Someone please tell me how to fix this

I have same issue with this stupid metamask

Can’t find any solution and you?

I don’t think I can make any trades until this is resolved.
Did you try a new trade?

Hi @Xander,

Does a txid appear on your MetaMask wallet for the transaction? What’s the status of the tx on your MetaMask wallet?

@bharmon thank you for the reply.
I have a transaction ID 0x6ecd0db3b6bc66c45f9e889011d980401989361f1fbb9d21d718c7a0045c74a6
On Metamask it says it’s pending and it doesn’t appear on Etherscan so can’t see the status there.

Apologies for the continued trouble.

Please try resetting your MetaMask wallet & try the transaction again. Please note this will remove all of your transaction history, but will not alter your wallet otherwise.