Please help! I accidentally deleted Polygon/Matic from Metamask, is it recoverable?

In the network dropdown of the browser extension, where you can click the x button to delete a network, I accidentally clicked MATIC, instead of the network I actually wanted to remove. I’m worried about possibly deleting/overwriting something, so I’m asking for help from a more knowledgeable community before just trying stuff. Thank you in advance.

You just need to re-add the Polygon network.


Yep, just need to re-add it. JIC you need the steps:

FYI: Metamask is an access point to your account that exists on the blockchain. You dont even need metamask to interact with it, just your Secret Recovery Phrase and any EVM compatible wallet.

Make sure each Secret Recovery Phrase is securely backed up, and youre mostly good to go.
The device youre connecting with can be infected by malware or viruses, you can also connect your wallet to dapps or websites that can take control of it. Avoid those, keep your SRPs safe, and you’re good to go. A hardware wallet can help add an additional layer of security.

Be really careful about links you click online, or in email. Dont give out your SRP (AKA seed phrase)
Heres some more info about how to spot common scams.


Got it, thank you. I just wasn’t sure if re-adding it would overwrite anything.

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