Portfolio dAPP: ENS Show Human Readable Registration and Expiration Date

In the Portfolio dApp, ENS NFTs have a registration and expiration date shown in bigInt format, instead of human readable date time. Can the app please show dates in human readable text instead of bigInt?

Increases the readability so I don’t have to go to the ENS page just to check if my ENS name is expiring. Better UX.

I don’t know what it is like on Mobile.


Hello @vintagegold, welcome to MetaMask community!

Just wanted to let you know your message has been read, heard and communicated to the team handling the Portfolio Dapp. Thanks for your feedback.


Any update on if this feature will be built out?

Also can you put me to the Github this would target? I could probably make a pull request and carry it out if the team doesn’t have enough time

For all bridge and portfolio related issues please use the Contact or Contact Us (Settings->About & Support) buttons from within the Portfolio Dapp. You can share this by using that option