Show the metadata of signatures in nice human readable form

When providing a signature, MetaMask wallet just shows the raw message.

This is particularly misleading for users because it looks like a much larger amount is being signed than is actually the case (e.g. 20000000 instead of 20).

A simple fix is to ask the user to sign the properly formatted amount (for which knowledge of decimals is required - which can be pulled from the token type). Perhaps there is then a small button for the user to see the raw message if they wish.



Hey @ronanmcgovern, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Transaction Insight is the feature you may be looking for, here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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This is a helpful feature but it doesn’t show the details of a wallet signature request clearly to the user.

Supporting signatures with Transaction Insight would be a help, but really I think the UX needs to be improved to be brought more in line with web2 type design so that the user clearly sees how much they are approving, e.g. 20 USDC (not 20000000 USDC and the customer needs to know there are six added decimals).

Appreciate if you can raise this as a feature. Rainbow wallet already have it underway and Coinbase and Argent are considering it. Thanks