Pre set gas fees? Or Presaved Transacations?

Hi is there anyway to preset a transaction gas fee before you buy into a token at launch, buy the time you edit the fees in metamask, it can be to late to get a good entry point,thank you.

Not currently possible. You sort of can by sending a txn with the desired fee, but it can get bumped from the mempool and burn the gas if transaction volume spikes before it hits the desired fee.

I’ve moved this over to the feature requests section, and voted for it. I love this idea.

The way I personally see this working really well is the be able to pre-save a custom transaction. For example: Send 0.1 Eth to XYZ address for 40 gwei. Then when you see transaction fees hit a comfortable spot, you can hop on MetaMask and ship the Txn to the MemPool in a couple clicks.


Was just informed that when you enable Advanced Gas controls, you should have the ability to save those settings.

I’m going to leave the post here , and change the title to include the “& Txns” so it includes the whole “preformed txns” idea.

Thanks, I have tried so many times but by the time you go to make the next transaction, the gas fees are back to default and do not save, any ideas on what other wallets may give you the option to save the gas fees for when quickness is needed.

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