Probable phishing attempt

I got this email:

It’s a scam, right?

Here is text to make if foundable by search in the forum.

Swapping Tokens Warning

Verify your MetaMask

Our system has shown that your MetaMask has not yet been verified, this verification can be done easily via the button below. Unverified accounts will be suspended on:
Friday, 09 December, 2022.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, but please note that our intention is to keep our customers safe and happy. Safety is and remains our priority

Note: Never share your word Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) or private keys.


Yes, this is 100% a scam. Remember, MetaMask did not ask for your email when you signed up. We have no way to contact wallet users. See more here:

Also remember to never share your Secret Recovery Phrase. Nobody, not even someone from MetaMask, will ever ask you to provide or verify your Secret Recovery Phrase. Never input it on a form or website.


« Rule #9: Report scammers. You can help the stay community safe!»

Note, I almost gave up due to the requirement spending time reading posts before being able to post. Makes sense for the rest, but for /support/security section it certainly causes to loose reports. And it seemed more useful to me make a public post rather than opening a support ticket and there didn’t seem to be an existing post of what I got

(“the stay community safe” <= typo in rules?)

edit: lol, this message is my 3rd and it got though without approval, unlike the 2nd about saying thanks for the confirmation.


No I don’t, that’s the issue. Well I kinda said to myself “does MetaMask even have an account system? It’s just a wallet IIRC”.
So it’s possible to trick occasional users of MetaMask that even forgot how it works ^^"

Thanks for the confirmation.


Hi @tuxayo ,

Thanks for the feedback, and catching the error on rule #9, switched the words around :slight_smile: . Also added on to rule 5 to add in the email portion so it’s clearer for others going forward.

Glad you were ahead of the scammers and stayed safe. If you ever have questions, we are here for you.

One note, have you looked into getting a hardware wallet for the extra layer of security? Here is a Knowledge Base article if you’re interested in digging further on this.

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This is why we need Mobymask ASAP ! :saluting_face:



Did you see what Dan Finlay shared you can currently join too? :smiley:


Thanks for the corrections :slight_smile:

I used MetaMask for paying for a domain name like 12€ a year. Not using cryptocurrencies enough.
More than that is need to justify another electronic device so more fossil fuel usage, resources extraction and future ewaste.

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