Problem getting account's balance on Microsoft Edge

Hi, I’m using Metamask RPC API to get an address’ balance. Everything works good using Firefox, but if I try it on Microsoft Edge here’s what I get:

MetaMask - RPC Error: missing value for required argument 1 {code: -32602, message: 'missing value for required argument 1'}

Here’s my code:

            method: 'eth_getBalance',
            params: ["xxxxx"]
        .then(async function(result) {
            console.log("RES: " + result);
            // 1 WEI = 1*10^-18 ETH
            let wei = parseInt(result);
            let bnb = wei / Math.pow(10, 18)

            document.getElementById("bnb").innerHTML = bnb;

        .catch((err) => {


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