Wrong Metamask balance

Good afternoon: when I send ether from the console, for example, 13 ether, the balance that appears to me is huge and does not correspond to my transaction

**web3.eth.sendTransaction({to:“0x18015043c650d3a9C8CCaF7C7229920F89c81fF8”, from: accounhttps://hidrive.ionos.com/lnk/P52ArKRv#filets[0], value:web3.utils.toWei(“13”,“ether”)});

Hi there @Linceiberico
May I understand why are you using the console to send ETH instead of the Metamask UI?
Would this be a developer question?

Hi: Yes. I sent the ether from console after deploying Metamask with truffle console and Ganache UI

I have done another test:
truffle(development)> web3.eth.sendTransaction({to:“0x18015043c650d3a9C8CCaF7C7229920F89c81fF8”, from: accounts[0], value: web3.utils.toWei(“13”,“ether”)});
And it is the result : 24049.74 ETH
¡¡¡ I am millionaire!!!