Sent Tether to Ethereum Wallet

Accidentally sent Tether to Ethereum wallet destination, will the funds still be deposited since its all ethereum?

It was a small amount of 175 usd but still. I meant to send ethereum but did it with Tether instead. Is this something I should contact Metamask about?

They ask for a transaction ID under the activity page but there is no information under this tab. I coped the ethereum wallet link direct to my exchange and sent it from there. Is this something Metamask can help with? I sent it about 30 minutes ago and nothing has appeared yet and am concerned I may have lost it

Hi dfrizz3 sent Tether from Binance? to Metamask wallet?
You used BEP20 or ERC20 :slightly_smiling_face: to withdraw USDT.


Hi, I sent Tether from NDAX to Metamask. ERC20 token

all good. it arrived this morning. Metamask must have figured it out. Thanks for reaching out though. It took a few hours but it is there. thank you metamask for having my back! :slight_smile:

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