Sent Tether to my MM ether address

Hi. I accidentally sent Tether to my MM ether address. Is there anything that I can do to get the Tether back? Not good.
Please let me know and thanks.

Hey BobbyKay, there’s no such thing as an “Ether address” or a “Tether address” on Ethereum like there is on centralized exchanges. All Ethereum based tokens use your same Ethereum address. Did the Tether not show up? Are you using the Ethereum Mainnet or some other blockchain?

Hi Jacob. Thanks for responding, much appreciated. That’s what ''I thought. That’s why I sent it to my mm ether receiving address. But Tether get’s it’s own address it seems. Look into it and you’ll see. Hopefully you can steer me in the right direction. I’m not much of a techie.

That’s not correct. There’s no such thing as a different address for a specific ERC-20 token. Where did you send the Tether from?

I do hope you’re right J.
I sent it from Nexo.

Hi J.

Well, I checked my MM wallet last night before I went to bed and no tether. I was just able to get on my laptop a few minutes ago and lo and behold, the tether was there! Maybe it just ricochet’s around until it finds a wallet? Maybe the delay was caused by the exchange that I had sent it from? Who knows. I’m just happy I got 'em. Nice feeling.

Listen. Thank you so much for responding and for your help J. Much appreciated.


Glad to hear it worked out!

Yeah, some exchanges impose a delay on the withdrawal of funds. I’m not familiar with Nexo, but that sounds like what happened.