Problem with a transaction

Good morning, it has been more than 16h since I made a transaction from my metamask wallet to my ronin wallet, and nothing has arrived yet, could someone tell me what happened? It won’t let me cancel it, which I suppose is because the transaction has already been sent, but I haven’t received anything yet. Help

Good morning @Samueliko00 how did you make the transaction? without use Ronin bridge?

La verdad es que no se ni que es eso… Yo me meti desde metamask a enviar y copie la direccion de mi ronin

What crypto did you send to Ronin Wallet? ETH?

Click View on Explorer and copy address starting 0x

Open :point_down: you see your cryptocurrency?

Me pone abajo de esa pagina que la transaccion esta dentro.

Al hacer todo lo que me has dicho

me pone que txn fee fue de 0,0029 eso significa algo?

That’s all right.

Try to import :point_up_2: your Ronin address into your MetaMask wallet.

Muchisimas gracias ya esta todo solucionado!

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OK I’m glad you solved it :smiley: check out some tutorials on YouTube…

@Luigi why i’m already import ronin private key into metamask but metamask still show no connected?