Problem with babydoge from okex

Hi, please help, I did transfer babydoge to trustwallet from OKex, but that didn’t work because truswallet Doesnt support KCC blockchain. How can i recover tokens?
I tried to restore as described here Babydoge on OKEx network never arrives in Metamask wallet
But it didn’t work.
Transaction Hash


Hi @Artur_z , would you like to share which exact network you used when you withdrew tokens from OkX exchange?

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@Artur_z The transaction id your provided is not of KCC network or maybe invalid.

Hi @Artur_z you need the correct Ethereum address 0xaad…c72b :slightly_smiling_face:
your MetaMask wallet shows the ETH address 0x990…3EE9

:one: How to get the Private Key from Trust Wallet:

:two: How to import an Account:


Hello everyone and thanks for the help. At the end I managed to import the account and add my baby dog.
But my account doesn’t show a value. How can this be fixed?
And another question, if I add okt to metamask from okex, I can make a transfer, for example, back to okex?


That’s all right :upside_down_face:


Now you need some OKT :point_up_2:
and then you can send BABYDOGE to OKEx exchange.


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