Babydoge from OKEx to Metamask

Hello, I did a BabyDoge coin withdraw from OKEx to MetaMask wallet but it didn’t appear in my wallet yet.
I added the Baby doge coin by using import token/custom token before doing the withdraw under Etherum Mainnet, and I used the the address that appear in receive section under babydoge tab.
on OKEx, the option was using the OKTC blockchain.
I’m lost and fresh so do I have to wait? or there is something wrong?
thank you

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You added the OKTC blockchain to your MetaMask wallet?

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Yes i did after the withdrawal and tried to add BabyDoge token (import token) but it always said address invalid or personal address

What contract address did you use?


hi. your token may have been withdrawn to the OKTC chain. Add the following network to see if you can find it.

Network name: OKExChain

New RPC URL: ​ https: //exchainrpc. okex. org
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chain ID: 66

Currency symbol: OKT

Block explorer URL (Optional): https:// www. oklink. com/okexchain/
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You can paste your wallet address on the blockchain explorer above to find the contract address of babydoge.

If you try it, tell me if it works.


Great it work! thank you so much :heart_eyes:

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Problem solved. I was using a different contract address

One more question please. What is the contract address for Ecomi on OKEx blockchain?

You can use coinmarketcap or coingecko to find contract addresses for tokens on different networks.


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