Can I use my Metamask address to receive babydoge coins?

Dear Support.

I am looking for information on- if Metamask allow to receive babydoge coin ? As I am planning to mining it using uminable.

Please help

Hi Mainnah -

Assuming it is this BabyDoge on bsc network, you can receive on Metamask. You just want to make sure you’re sending from/to the bsc network. You have to add the BSC chain to your metamask wallet after it’s set up. I will share another post on how to do that after this one.

I can’t post links so I am typing out the dots in below - replace those with actual dots … to be taken to Baby Doge on coingecko -


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Since I can’t add links - see this post where Luigi shares how to add BSC network to Metamask. The OP is writing in spanish but you can follow what Luigi shares by his pictures. By default, Metamask loads initially on Ethereum Mainnet. You will have to add BSC.

When you’re doing any transferring just be sure you’re choosing the right tokens/addresses for the same networks. You can’t transfer to different networks without bridging.

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