Babydoge on OKEx network never arrives in Metamask wallet

Dear Luigi and all the experts,
This morning i transferred babydoge from OKEx using their network so called OEC to Huobi Wallet. It arrived just fine and then I decided to shift babydoge to Metaverse by setting up OKEx chain on the network beforehand, however I didn’t add babydoge token in advance. I just executed the transfer directly from Huobi wallet to my Metaverse address assuming it’ll be just fine like Huobi wallet

Transaction ID: 0x21ab02ca95c643c3f04562607a1c84be763f58976852a36d4bb64a6b3893f090

This transaction is successful, but babydoge never arrived. Later on I also set up BSC chain hoping it’d get through, but it’s been 10 hours, nothing has come through.

What should i do? Please help.
Thank u so much

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Hi @andesta and imported a BabyDoge :point_down: contract address?


Let me try Luigi :kissing_closed_eyes: oh my god, it works, luigi u have no idea how happy u make me today. God bless Luigi. Big big hugs


So i probably been adding wrong address. Ok, another stupid question, how i remove other babydoge address. The wrong one!

OK :slightly_smiling_face: Have a nice day!


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Dear Luigi,
One last question, what is the correct contract address for Babydoge-BSC?
Thanks alot

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Look at :dog:


Thank u, have a good day!


Good Morning Dear Luigi, hope u are doin well. I have a question. On this thread, i mentioned I trf babydoge to Metamask and store it under OKExchain. The reason why i chose to keep it under MetaMask because i was told i could get reflections by holding it long term.
However, I don’t any reflections for a couple of days since I first keep it on MetaMask wallet (under OKExchain)

I suspect it might because i trf babydoge under OKEx network so called OEC, meanwhile Babydoge is under BSC and ETH network, despite Metamask allows me to add OKEx chain network where my babydoge is stored.

Weird thing is when i switch network to BSCchain i saw a couple of cents on BNB token of which i never deposited. Could it be those are the reflections? Is the reflection distributed in BNB token on Metamask?

Any advice? Thank u

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Reward is not BNB token :roll_eyes:

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