Babydoge not showing up in Wallet

Hi Community,

Debank is showing my Babydoge,

However, Babydoge is not appearing in my Metamask.

I have added BSC / BSC Testnet.

What other network should i add to rectify this?

Please assist.

Hi @tzw you added a token? Open :point_down: this page and click on fox :fox_face:


i think there is a fake account that send this to my address.


this is fake babydoge from uniswap.
i thought it was real and i approved.

Is my account in danger?

Can it assess my other coins or only has assess to this fake coin>?

I don’t know :smiley: where did you buy it?
Baby Doge Coin is traded on PancakeSwap (v2) not to Uniswap page.

This :point_down: tokens look ok

Switch to BSC network and click Add Token to Web3 Wallet

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You can use this to check any un-wanted token allowances here and revoke them as needed. Token Approvals | BscScan

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https: //youtu . be/jU3r4J5bw9o

This video will show you how to add the Smart Chain Network to your wallet, and then the Baby Doge Coin Token - you’ll need to delete the spaces in the url

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