Problem with changing account1

Previous account that the funds transfer was made:
change to this ID as account1: 0x23F35B37c5d6B2b5B3018884e00aee58f10Cb8B0

after the funds transfer was done, a new account1 ID was generated: “0x23F35B37c5d6B2b5B3018884e00aee58f10Cb8B0”
I don’t understand how this was done, but I have the LOG showing both IDs, I need help !!

[Address 0xBd1071Ea74cf5aAB8b5bE378062Dba45F525Eb0d | BscScan] Address 0xBd1071Ea74cf5aAB8b5bE378062Dba45F525Eb0d | BscScan


if necessary I have a complete log with all the information I have no access to the wallet: 0xBd1071Ea74cf5aAB8b5bE378062Dba45F525Eb0d
I need the BNB to be transferred to the wallet: 0x23F35B37c5d6B2b5B3018884e00aee58f10Cb8B0

or having the possibility to teach me a way to transfer