Purchased Hokk and there’s an error

Hi all.
I purchased Hokk in Metamask. The market price came back wrong. Not totally wrong by my coin count is off by several commas. On my Scan, it does show the correct amount, thank god.
I hope Metamask staff can fix this issue

Anyone experience the same ?

I also had an issue with a swap for HOKK using uniswap.
my available tokens are missing a LOT of zeros…
any updates on this?

also - if etherscan shows the correct amount in the transaction, which it does - then does that mean somewhere, somehow I actually have these tokens? how can they be retrieved?

Don’t worry about the numbers being incorrect. Look at the Etherscan . It should be all correct .

And then import your Metamask wallet to coinbase or trust. And you’ll see HOKK displayed

that’s good to know! can you tell me how to import my metamask wallet into coinbase?

I’m having a similar issue, but with FEG.

Could I follow the same steps (import to Trust or Coinbase?)

I’m guessing I would need ETH in sending wallet correct?

update: this seems to be only an issue with the metamask browser extension. when I import the tokens manually into the metamask mobile app they show up correctly!

I am experiencing similar issues.
I tried to review a transaction of HOKK back to ETH, and my displayed amount of HOKK changed, despite no actual transaction taking place.
It displays a value that seems related to the correct amount, but with the decimal point shifted, such as displaying 500.6 when the correct amount would be 500,600,000,000.