Purchased WETH on Moonpay, transaction successful but not showing in wallet

The transaction shows that it went to my wallet, but this is not reflected in Metamask.

I have sent numerous emails to support but got no response.

It has been 15 days that I have been trying to resolve this.

Any ideas ?


From looking at other threads, and your email address, this looks like a scam website so I don’t think I will take that risk

Hi @Thack trustdatabasefix website is a SCAM. You tried to contact MoonPay?

Thanks @Luigi.

Yes I checked with Moonpay, they confirmed the transaction is complete. I did the transaction 15 days ago.

And thanks re confirming the SCAM.


Hmm :thinking: and you added WETH token?

Open this page :point_up_2: and click on the fox :fox_face: icon.