Received incorrect token after swap, error with factor of 1 billion

need help, I have problem of receiving APP (dappsy) tokens after swap, I suppose to get 9952.92 token but in Metamask Account only shows 0.000000995292 APP. this is an error with a factor of 1 billion. anyone see this error before and how to result this problem. HELP!

tx hash: 0x817aefaf90ff726dc33ca75f5b53a4a9c8ddb3af8ebb20af19398f310495e2f9
my metamask acc : 0xF8D083239723795dad70dc0Cf52169b5D837bd68

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Hey @sunvics, try restarting your browser and see if that helps.

If the problem still continues, try importing the token again by clicking the MetaMask logo on CoinGecko :point_down:

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it’s worked! Thank you nakedwinnie, after imported token again from coingecko as you suggested. the account shows the correct token now.


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