Receving probelm from

Please help me with this!!
I transferred 35000 ECOMI token (OMI) from to my metamask but still do not see them in my wallet.
my wallet is empty right now, if it should be something there for fee!!

Steps I did in this transaction:
1- Opened my account in went to withdrawal and made transfer:

2- Next day I added network to my metamask:

3- Custom token to add token and I added it in two network (ethereum mainnet and gatechain mainnet)

I have zero balance in my wallet right now if it should be there something for fee!!

Hi @JA86 please check here on how you can view OMI, you would need to add a custom chain to see it

thank you so mush for your answer :

but could please guid me through it!!

first i could not figure out of chain is!
i found this if it is correct:

Network Name: GateChain Mainnet
ChainID: 66
Symbol: GT
Block Explorer URL:

and even if it is correct network address how i can get the tokens i have been waiting for three days
i mean what is the next step