Recipient address is invalid

I’m confuse now, so, i wanna ask about my issue.
I have a coin on my Metamask. When i want to send that coin to other exchange (copy paste the address from exchange), the pop up show message “Recipient address is invalid”.
Then, how I solve that issue?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is the receiving address you’re trying to send to an ERC-20 or BEP-20 address?

Hello, I am experiencing the same issue, the address i want to add is an ERC20 . Please help?

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Can you please clarify what you mean by “the address I want to add”?

Do you mean the address you want to send to?

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Correct, the address i want to send to. On Mobile, ( Iphone ) When i go to Settings/ Contacts/ Add Contact. I add the address ( ERC20 ) It says invalid address.
I can do it on the desktop extension, but as we know its doesnt sync. So cant do it on mobile version.

I am getting the same message. Trying to send an ERC20 token to KuCoin. It keeps saying “Recipient address is invalid.” I copied it directly from KuCoin.

I tried to reproduce this myself with a Coinbase address and was unable to do so.

Are you using the QR scanner or entering the address in manually?

What wallet is the address associated with?

Are you able to scan a QR code rather than entering it manually? It’s tough to get the alphanumeric code exactly right manually.

No, because I am at a desktop.

I think these guys are trying to send the coins to another address, but instead of pressing “send” they are pressing “add token” where the latter is not how you send your tokens. The “add token” button is used for viewing any erc20 token that you have a balance of. You must press the send key which is right beneath your address marked “send” on the home screen on IOS. Hope that helps.