Recover funds sent to incorrect address

Hi, I mistakenly sent eth from metamask to my avalanche address on coinbase. I have already tried to get support from coinbase but since the funds never reached them they can’t help. Please if anyone has experienced this before would you share your knowledge.

Hey @Jegan, sorry to hear this has happened.

Usually, in these situations when tokens are sent to the wrong network, people reach out to the centralized exchange to see if there is anything they can do. In this case, since Coinbase has said they can’t help there is unfortunately nothing much that can be done.

Hi. Thank you so much for replying. I’m very slowly starting to realise that might just be the case. :crossed_fingers:something comes up. As when I look in etherscan i can see the funds in my avalanche address but they are eth so not showing on Coinbase. Would it ever happen that if they are not accepted the funds would bounce back to the original sender.

Unfortunately not, all transactions on the blockchain are irreversible so if tokens are sent to the wrong address or network they cannot be bounced back.

Thank you for taking the time to help me.

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Hi, i send 0.3 eth to the wrong address on metamask, this is my meta mask address 0x8aC69783B2827Bf3ec3315e5582CC9F13c0D19DB. And i acciendelty send it to the wrong address. this is the transaction ID 0x71171b1b073e72e9a29aeb8d5feb380125c131a16a04a4393de3124ba0dc8fcc. I dont know what to do, i really need to recover this money. Pls help, i am a student and really need to recover this money, pls take time to help me and recover my eth. i would truely appreciate it

Hey @sdjsjsfajasjas3192, sorry to say but all transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. If you have sent tokens to the wrong address, and you do not have access to this address, then these tokens cannot be retrieved.

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