Accidentally sending funds to the wrong address

Good day!

Please someone assist me. I accidentally send my Bcoin (104.89004049834206469 ($56.78) to SPG CA: 0x0ecaf010fc192e2d5cbeb4dfb1fee20fbd733aa1.

Transaction Hash: 0xcc087d5221d34c0cd9fbbb59787dbfc895796d3562c56a51704fdc8867bf572e

My Metamask address is 0x8D80554B7f53F18aD7570C7d9ea563d3587734bc

Please see attached file for your reference.

Hoping your kind support and immediate action on this matter are highly appreciated.

Let me know if there is anything else that you need from me.

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Please post in the proper channels.

The nature of blockchain transactions makes them irreversible. You can try contacting the support team for the address they were mistakenly sent to. If that address is a wallet they have access to, they may be able to restore the assets from that transaction.

Any luck yetttt???)

When you send money to a different network only there are two solution. If you have the seed in the destination address then it s possible recover the funds but if the destination is an exchange only they can help you.

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