Recovering stolen funds from a scammers wallet


A few months ago, I was targeted by a scammer on Twitter who managed to persuade me to engage in a fake “eth 2.0 staking pool” website. I should have known better but I can’t turn the clock back now.

A few months have passed now and I have managed to trace the funds from the original wallet the scammer was using I sent the funds to, to a new wallet where I can see via etherscan my funds sitting there.

Is there any way to recover my scammed funds from this new wallet? Is it even possible?

I’ve reported it to the authorities and MM support and my bank where the original fiat came from but have been told it’s gone.

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Hello @jez_bo
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If you connect the wallet at fraudulent site they empty your wallet. So just be careful.
Connecting wallet to a site you didn’t know and trust is usually a very bad idea.
I am very sorry that you lost your funds, be careful in the future.

Don’t share your Secret Recovery Phrase and private keys!

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Hey @jez_bo, sorry to hear this has happened. It would be best to continue communication with MetaMask Support if you have any questions or issues.


I migrated everything over to a new wallet so it’s all safe now.


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