Recovery of ETH coins sent to the wrong network

Hello MetaMask community,
I sent from the ETH wallet to MetaMask via the Optimism network to my ETH wallet in Latoken, which is in a different network.
What course of action do you suggest?

Transaction Hash: 0x45f3d1a89a51cd769b8ffb51024480b3590b71ac0877c258703348929c3e4b87
My ETH wallet (MetaMask): 0xeda0e4644e618a6d2fb18ebf72a5240b34b4ebd1
My ETH wallet (Latoken): 0xa859978390e27be5baa3ad7f4e3834f3674dae22

Hi @matthew1187, welcome to MetaMask community!

I have no idea what Latoken is exactly, whether it’s a wallet or an exchange, but either way, they are the ones that can help you on the receiving end.

If i understood corectly, you sent ETH that you had on Optimism network, from your MetaMask to Latoken. If Latoken is a wallet and they support Optimism network, you should be able too see your ETH on Optimism network in Latoken, if they have the option to add the network to their wallet. Or maybe you only need to add ETH to the list by using the contract address for it on Optimism network. You will need to do your research or even get in contact with their support for this.


Hi @matthew1187 contact Latoken support

If they can :face_with_monocle: they will return your ETH…


Latoken supports me wrote:
“You sent the coin to the wrong network. We use the ETH wallet network for ETH deposit but from you used Optimism instead you must have seen this clearly stated on the deposit page where you copied your deposit address from. It says “If particular ETH Wallet network isn’t used, your funds might not be deposited!”
Due to the nature of the underlying technology, blockchain transactions that have been through non-supported contract addresses or network are not reversible from our side. We are not able to reverse such transactions. Please reach out to the sender address/entity/owner for further assistance.”

I expected it :roll_eyes: and 2000 $ is gone :cry:

Only that they would add Optimism network (for ETH) in the future and then you will see your ETH. Or Latoken make some tool to restore such transactions.


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