I made a mistake in sending ETH on the wrong network

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There may be the same topic in the past.
But I don’t understand English and let me ask you a question here.

I sent ETH to DMM Bitcoin on the wrong network.

In MetaMask it initially said “failed” but now there is no activity.

I reset my account, but it didn’t fix it.

Can I get my funds back?

Please help me.

Txn# 0xfbb21d77626fd159bfe5fc35e96530612311d6426405b31de6b621ef2a3e9af2


Hello @LunaLuna , welcome to MetaMask community.
The transaction shows that it was sent successfully but , it was sent to a contract address as it is on the image attached . I think it’s a wrong address (contract) .

But as I investigate further , I noticed there was also a transaction from your wallet to this address:

0xB9bb89419fae1d690b6129E9819963eF155803C2 ! .

Did you authorize this ? Check the image below also


Thank you for your answer!!


This is my DMM bitcoin address.

I was thinking of sending ETH to this address.

However, in DMM’s support center said
“If the network setting at the time of transmission is BSN, we will not be able to follow up or reflect accounts.”

Will I have no choice but to give up trying to get my funds back?

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Have you tried to import the Binance-Peg Ethereum Token in your DMM wallet ? It seems the token is still on the chain .


Unable to import.

With DMM, BTC/ ETH / XRP only deposits and withdrawals.

Hello @LunaLuna, welcome to MetaMask community!

The only thing remaining is to contact the respective platform to which you sent the ETH on BNB Mainnet. Your coins are there and only they can help you in this case. The transaction was successful when sent from MetaMask, which means it should have arrived successfully on the other side.


I understood.

Thank you for letting me know.

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