REEF coins from pancakeswap not showing up in wallet

I created a binance smart chain folder in my metamsk wallet. I successfully transferred CAKE coins from a swap on pancake swap. When I did a swap for REEF on pancakeswap, the coins do not show up in my wallet. I added the REEF token to my wallet, but the balance reads “0”. The transaction seems successful on etherscan.
Any ideas on a solution is appreciated.

HI, send etherscan link or you eth adress

etherscan link:

wallet address:

ok REEF is here Address 0x8C532670b939BcFFD4e54fB16c6b2D4649943d12 | BscScan

try to add Contract adress: 0xf21768ccbc73ea5b6fd3c687208a7c2def2d966e

Thank you. That worked. I guess there is more than one token address for REEF

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hschs super :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Hi, I have same problem with AmmoCoin, can you help to find my coins please?

My wallet address is : 0xe9a4357Bb513271EA8E0E628fA6DD02f65c1DD77