Regarding lost funds

I made a transfer of 2837.38 ZEE tokens from METAMASK address 0x837019D2a62C23c26a8380f88d8B8e280E092d32 to 0xe4Ba51e9e1c89D4Bec8488dBCb12773637501aC6 with following status :

Transaction created with a value of 0 BNB at 20:50 on 4/1/2021.

Transaction submitted with gas fee of 0.001 ETH at 20:50 on 4/1/2021.

Transaction confirmed at 20:50 on 4/1/2021.

BUT funds are missing ,debited from METAMASK a/c but not transferred to other account,PLS help me out

Did you check the transactions on the blockchain? Usually you will have a link in the Metamask extension to view the transaction details.
Also, make sure that the address you sent to 0xe4Ba51e9e1c89D4Bec8488dBCb12773637501aC6 is a valid ZEE token address on the account you transferred to.

If you’ve sent tokens OUT OF your MetaMask wallet to another address, the tokens have been withdrawn from your MetaMask wallet, but haven’t yet arrived in the receiving wallet, try the following:

  1. Search the transaction id (txid) on Etherscan (or a block explorer for the network on which the tx was sent) and check the status.If the tx is still “pending,” you can speed up the tx to make it complete more quickly. You can also attempt to cancel the tx .If the tx status is “successful,” contact customer support of the receiving wallet for further assistance.
  2. Confirm the network on which you sent your tokens. It’s easy to confuse the various networks.

Hi amarchawla you use Binance Smart Chain :smile: :point_right:

Thnx 4 d reply , it says : File not found

It may have been moved, edited, or deleted.


hi!!. So can u pls help me on this

amarchawla this address 0xe4Ba51e9e1c89D4Bec8488dBCb12773637501aC6 is in wallet? Coinomi, Exodus, Web…?

Thnx 4 the reply sir

Hmm send ZeroSwapToken (ZEE) to

Your ZeroSwapToken (ZEE) is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network :point_down: this page support Binance Smart Chain transaction? must contact support

The Zee token was here on BSC chain on METAMASK ,but the address on was ETH-20 … Alas !!!..can some magic happen…I lost much of my savings here

yes better use ETH-20 transaction :upside_down_face: many sites doesn’t not support binance smart chain

So no way out for recovery here sir?

I don’t know :neutral_face: I do not use
You have to ask at page

okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…thnx a lot

вам удалось что то сделать ?