Resetting account in metamask

Everyones talking about restoring their metamask but no one is talking about resetting. I locked my account for security but when I came back to metamask and tried to open it, I get the message “loading tokens” but nothing happens. I read that if your history builds up too much date, that will happen and that if you reset your account, it will erase your transaction history (which I don’t want to do but have to it seems) but it will reset properly to where you can use metamask again and load your tokens. When I go to settings> advanced> reset account, the reset button is red and won’t do anything. I can see my coins in etherscan but can’t use metamask or access them. I wrote to metamask support 6 days ago but haven’t heard. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello, @Kaya ! I see that your Zendesk ticket has been responded and you have no longer the issue. Let us know if you encounter this issue again or have any other questions.