Imported Metamask, tokens are gone tried adding it again zero balance

Hello good day everyone! My laptop got BSOD and apparently, I have to reset it. When I imported the seed phrase of my metamask to chrome, the token isn’t there so I added custom tokens. Sadly, my BNB, and other token accounts have zero balance? Where are my tokens/crypto money? Also, I have a secondary account, it also has BNB but it says zero. Can someone help me? My anxiety goes really high. I thought when you enter your seed phrase everything will be alright. I really like metamask so please. Any help will do.

What I’ve tried so far:
-reinstall the extension
-Re-enter seed phrase
-reinstall again, still the same

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Im having the same issue as you! They wont reply to you. So probably your account is lost forever same as me.

wow that’s very unfortunate! 1000 USD worth gone that’s sad :((( can anyone help us with this issue?

у меня такая же проблема , меня выкинуло с кошелька метамаск , я востановил с помощу seed-фразу кошелек, но при востановлении дало новый номер счета, а что бы добавить старый нужно было сделать на него секретный ключ, и после востановления импортировать кошелек в этот акаунт! но естественно я об этом узнал после всего этого!! и поддержка просто молчит

Thank you “google translate” Is there something we can do about this? I have funds there to play crypto games online. Whenever I go back to the site, they recognize the address but there is no token/balance found. This is saddening :frowning: Please admin if there is anyone out there who’s willing to explain everything or any tutorial to recover the lost account just comment here.

I’m having this same problem i reset my account and used the seed phrase to get back is, as i didn’t know my password and was somehow logged out of my device by the app. This has now opened a different account to my original and isn’t showing any funds which would be over ($10,000) I am still waiting on metamask replying to me as i only sent my enquiry 2 days ago.

I am so sorry to hear that! 10,000 USD is no joke compared to what I have lost. Let’s do hope that metamask support will help us as soon as possible! How are you holding up so far? I sometimes can’t sleep at night. I trust this wallet too much this is the first time it has happened.

I’m really worried that I lose it. I have trust in them to but I don’t have much hope now after tried everything I can think of. As you say hopefully we can get it resolved!

Te han dado respuesta? Tengo casi 5 días y nada. Me pasó lo mismo que a la mayoría.

Hello! I have the same issue as you. Have you heard from them? I’ve been contacting them since the day I experienced this but I haven’t had any assistance.

Sigo con el mismo problema

Please kindly note, to receive the best support is to open a support ticket via the support link in MetaMask app or extension.

Are you still seeing the assets under your address in a block explorer such as etherscan or bscscan?