Import and nothing

hello, i changed my pc and reinstalled metamask. imported with 12 words seedphrases and added bschain and token adresses on bscscan but i dont see my funds and i generated other wallet adress(0x…) how can i get my funds anyone help?

Hello brother
I have the same problem.
I couldn’t login to my MetaMask and they recommended me to reinstall MetaMask and when I reinstalled with 12 secret recovery Phrase and connected to bsc and pancake but unfortunately all my tokens disappeared and I saw new adress.
I am sure that this is because of MetaMask and they started to steal very professionally.

If you found so plz brother write to me also who to get back.
Many people lost their tokens after reinstallition MetaMask.

did u find a solution?

Not yet !
I’m very nervous about my tokens
Plz help me to get my tokens back.

Best regards

write me on instagram : princessbutbadone

I have the same problem. My wallet address changed, the old one already replaced. I don’t know what’s happening from metamask. I have a hard time to fix this! Have you resolved this? Thank you for your time.