Lost Balance after updated metamask extension

I updated my metamask extension, and after re-login with my seed pharse which I stored earlier, the extention not showing my balance and accounts, I lost my balance, I am not able to see my account 2, account 3 there, which are containing my tokens Please anyone help me restore my account.

hello same here need help

I done same steps to add coin, Now its showing my balance

when i loged in with sheed base my tokken adresses arent even same any more

bro, just remember your account name, which given previously, give same name and if its custom coin add token with contract address you will get you balance

mate, yes account 2 i had

ak, but the still nothing added every thing

everything means, previous account you have multiple custom token?? if yes u need to add each one again

yeah i know this i added all my tokkens but stilll nothing

Did you also imported the key you used from old account 2?

I am also having this issue only difference is i did the reset on my mobile. I dont remember anything saying we should write down the private key, only the seed phrase.

Correct…main account only has a seed phrase
Only a imported accounts needs a key to enter.

Did you solve it? we are in the same situation.

No not yet… Tried everything so far.

Check out this Knowledge Base article for assistance in restoring your addresses/accounts.

What if i dont remember the token names ?? for example from an airdrop.

Bro check particular chain scan website there u will get all the details. u will never loss anything till you have your seed phrase.

Thanks Metamask for your support, I recovered my all tokens and account not lost anything, Now I am understanding all the things. anyone want to talk any problem ping me on telegram @AkTheZephyrus

Hi. Pls help what steps did you do to recover your account?

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MetaMask only offers support via our Help-Center, Community and Twitter channels, we do not offer support elsewhere.

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