Resolve ENS Names on L2 chains


Both browser extension and mobile wallet resolve ENS names only on the Ethereum mainnet. However, the L2 chains on MetaMask don’t support ENS resolution - the biggest Web3-native decentralized naming system in the world.

Considering the L2 chains’ mission of scaling Ethereum and their exponential growth in liquidity, ecosystem dapps, and developer activity, it’s important for the entire industry that MetaMask supports ENS name and subname resolution on L2 chains for easier transacting between wallets and improving Web3 identity overall, as the industry-leading wallet, and set a precedent for others.

I propose to implement the functionality to resolve ENS names and subnames across all L2 chains (Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, etc.), utilizing ENS contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet as the source of truth, regardless of which chain the user is connected to.

We are happy to open up a line of communication between the Namespace and MetaMask teams to make this process smoother if necessary.


The purpose is to have ENS functionality working on L2 chains which are being used more and more every day.




Good propose. It’s time integration more, becouse it’s best ever tools on blockchain. Better then BAYC or cryptopunks.

This is very much needed! As more and more Communities will create their own L2/L3 subdomain Projects.