MetaMask to support PulseChain Domains?

Although it is relatively new, the Pulsechain name service is gaining traction fast. Since Pulsechain is a full system state fork of Ethereum, and MetaMask already supports ENS, I believe it would take minimal effort for MetaMask to support PNS in a subsequent update.

The ability to use pulse domains together with MetaMask is crucial to onboarding and adoption.
Instead of a non-memorable 0x address, using a .pls domain as a receiving address will give new MetaMask users much needed piece of mind. In addition, crypto businesses and creators can benefit from name recognition and branding.

Moreover, additional benefits will be realized from MetaMask supporting The Pulsechain Name Service. Quoting directly from the website:
“Every .pls domain name allows you to store as little or as much information about your online identity on the Pulsechain blockchain.”

Thank you for your time and consideration. MetaMask has been the go to portal for web3. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to using Pulse Domains in the near future. Cheers!