Revert transaction

Hi all, I made a mistake and send USDT from Metamask BSC network to directly my CELO wallet address. Since they are not at the same networks , I could not received this USDT amount and it is suspended in bscchain under my Celo wallet adress, that is actually not belong to bsccain. I can monitor the amount at bsccan but can not move it. How can I revert this transaction or move this amount? thanks for any suggestion

Hi @alperk83 you mean this wallet?

:one: Open this page :point_down: on this page download file: bip39-standalone.html

:two: Disconnect PC from the internet :grin:

Internet No Signal

:three: Now open the file bip39-standalone.html in the browser.
BIP39 Mnemonic = Celo Wallet recovery phrase and Coin is Ethereum :point_down:

:four: You must edited Derivation Path :point_down: Coin is number: 52752

:five: Scroll page down and Derived Addresses = Celo wallet addresses :point_down: copy Private Key

:six: How to import an Account:

:seven: Switch to BSC network + add USDT token :sweat_smile: and all is done.


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