Ronin to metamask transition

i just did a transfer from ronin wallet to metamask from my computer, but, i don’t get the slp to metamask and the slp is no longer in ronin, please i need help, it’s like metamask, it took my slp


Please post in proper channels.

Cross chain transactions can be tricky. Did you use a bridge?
A transaction hash would help me look into what happened.

Heres some tips:

You must read all the process again. Perhaps you put a wrong address in the bridge and the funds are in other account. See all the information in your wallets.

me paso lo mismo envie de ronin a metamask sin usr el brigde, y mis weth no se ven, trate de abrir ronin con las 12 palabras de metamask pero la abre la cuenta numero y el weth se envio a la cuenta numero, si alguien me pueda ayudar se lo agradeceria y hasta un porcentaje le daria

@samsan_crypto La billetera de ronin muestra la dirección correcta? :grin: sería mejor escribir en inglés.

Cuando verifique su dirección de metamáscara aquí: ves allí WETH?

if the address is correct, only it went to a second metamask account, and when I open ronin with my metamask phrases, it opens the first account

I need is that ronin open my second metamask account

check my metamask address and if it is my weth

@samsan_crypto try to add next account


yeah, creates a different account for me


@samsan_crypto you must create Account 2 in ronin wallet

creation is automatic

I try right now
I cannot choose or import an account he creates a new address

i need help please …

Click Create Account


create accounts automatically

@samsan_crypto your metamask account 2 is additional account? Or added ETH address using a privat key?

You use seed phrase from metamask wallet in ronin wallet?

yesterday I was silenced, but try what he told me and it doesn’t work, some other recommendation

hi bobby I hope to help me