I sent my ETH direct from Metamask to ronin account

I sent my ETH direct from MetaMask to ronin account, and I not copied the ( ronin: ).

I send to address : cc17df2b335cd69cff078962035f760ab8a43a5f
I dont put the ronin:

How can I get them back?

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Hi @silver29 read this post :point_down:

Copy Ronin Wallet private key and then import it to the MetaMask :fox_face: wallet.

How to import an Account:


it worked for me !!.



hello @Luigi and @silver29 , hoping you can help me to. What I did was ronin to ronin address. but it should have been ronin to eth address.

the supposed to be ETH address, I used ronin address without “ronin:” .

how can I fix that?

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My metamask prompted “The account you’re are trying to import is a duplicate” when i copy the private key of ronin onto Metamask. Do you have any idea why?

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Hi @vanguard_13


Try import private key into Trust Wallet :point_down:

and send your ETH to MetaMask :fox_face: wallet

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hello @Luigi!
I come to kindly ask for your help.
I sent it with the ronin wallet to metamask over the ronin bridge network. It was hanging for a while, then it was successful, but eth didn’t go to my metamask. Help me please. Thanks


Hi @lemarqe you mean this transaction? :point_down:

0.2741 ETH you received at your ETH MetaMask address :point_up_2: see this picture

your transaction fees :point_down: 8. September: 0.249111888 ETH

i don't remember spending eth anywhere as i was waiting for it to go to my metamask.
Can you see where it was spent?
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@lemarqe Address 0x2Ec5683e4736dC638aE208987701b7E760851009 | Etherscan many Fail transactions :expressionless: and the transaction fee for these transactions is non-refundable

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hi @Luigi I found where the ETH was spent.

I didn't know which wrong transactions used the gas.
Contract 0x1a2a1c938ce3ec39b6d47113c7955baa9dd454f2 (Axie Infinity: Ronin Bridge)
 Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Reverted] .
Because the error message appeared and [Reverted]
I thought the gas was returned.
There is no way to recover these transactions that gave an error?

@Luigi. thank you very much dear colleague