RVLT Token not vissible anymore

My MM Polgon Network does not show me my RVLT Token anymore !!!

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hello welcome to MetaMask community

add by tutorial
0xf0f9D895aCa5c8678f706FB8216fa22957685A13 RVLT


Yes this is the Address what i used yesterday. So i am fine. I just wonder why MM Polygon Network do ´not show me my RVLT anymore, instead a little red ! sign. I Stick to this Project Anyhow, i will survive. Thank you for your respons Fren

I have just added the token contract address given by @998755 and it worked well in my MetaMask wallet. I have heard that polygon network had some issues todays (possibly related to RPC). You cay try later or change the Polygon Network RPC in your MetaMask wallet and see whether it shows the token.


After a while i had a chat with The admins form Cult DAO and works fine now.
Thank you Maryam1 and have a Wonderfull Weekend full of Joy


Glad that it got resolved. Good luck!

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