Same thing but wanna stop and censorship. Well no topic on the law and what we're discussin

Not really what i said. I got an email with verify or will sieze assets by certain date with whatever banking, well no assets in it, and i alluded to so much more. But as gamertags and emails and everything, as a call center worker some useless data and emials and phone numbers of dead people ,and your database outdated and i know I am replying to both of you… and i also alluded to copyright laws and stuff with digital art, there a reason it really not in pysical world and they will eventually take everything to software and dont own anything… cars and the tech will one day be required to go to dealership and dont evem own the parts or allow self mechanic or touch it or you’ll notfy the cops. This is the great reset and tyranny, and that law and no asset account seizure is stupid to the law, and you hate poor people and it was a waste of an account is also my point…

That wasn’t an email from us. That’s someone trying to scam you. We aren’t doing KyC checks now, any more than we did when you created the Metamask account in the first place. We’re software developers, not financial regulators.

We highly value transparency, which is why most our tools are developed as open source, and given to the world for free. Our unofficial corporate motto is: “We’re doing this to change the world. If we produce something the world finds valuable, the money will come.”


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