Uh yea law and verification and government

Ah hes the tyranny by banks and tracking and true tyrannt for law. But guess what that account or it doesnt assests amd the devleoper and congress men can delete it right now it deem it useless and yes all databeses need to be cleared like copyrights law and no can make anything unique. Internet destroy with nft’s … your’re so your priveledge. But there no assest but big bank and tyrants love it… go ahead meta and delete the unuse wallets, cuz law regulation…

What problems did you encounter in metamask? :face_with_monocle:

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Please post in the proper sections.

We can’t delete wallets. We can’t block accounts. We cant even tell if a particular wallet was created with Metamask or any other BIP39 based wallet software.

We also value transparency, and as such Metamask and most of our other software is open source.

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