Can metamask lock account like exchanges can?

For example, if i steal 600 btc and store Them on my metamask account, can metamask, police, or someone else lock my account?

Was recently baned from coinbase and they locked my account forever.


Hello @Felici134 and welcome to MetaMask community!

MetaMask does not control any of your personal or private data, as it is a non-custodial wallet. You are the only one having control over your wallet.

But blockchain addresses can be blacklisted if behaving in a malicious way, as per your example, which will prevent it from interacting with other addresses or exchanges.

So no, your MetaMask account can’t be locked.


But if my btc or eth adress on metamask is blacklisted, can i withdraw Them to some other adress?

First of all, at the moment, Bitcoin network is not supported on MetaMask, only EVM compatible networks.
Secondly, your wallet address is not being blacklisted by MetaMask, but by the network itself, if you do something really bad, like in your example, stealing.


so if i have 100k in fantom on my metamask account, and they are flagged /blacklisted, i cant do anything with them?

i cant exchange them or send them?

That would be on blockchain global level, not specific to MetaMask. Your address would get blacklisted if you are a bad actor and any interactions with your wallet by other addresses on the blockchain come with a warning.

Such a user will be flagged as to not exit the system through exchanges, or to limit their interactions with other participants, but from my knowledge, tokens can still be moved around.

If you are inquiring about you having trouble with your MetaMask wallet, for no good reason at all, that shouldn’t be something to worry about. But in the scenario of a bad actor, stealing crypto tokens from others, then what i wrote above applies to such a case.


Although I can’t answer the question, but I learned knowledge through your answer, thank you

That means that whether the coin can move or not, it will be banned from trading anyway?

That’s not what mean. Metamask itself is just a decentralized wallet. All the assets of the wallet are owned by the wallet key holder. Metamask does not save any user’s privacy data, and there is no way to prohibit you from transferring your assets. However, since the blockchain itself is jointly managed by multiple nodes, if the token holder is blacklisted by the token node due to bad reasons, This will be the only way to restrict your token transfer.


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