Selling Tokens Issue

I like playing the slots with new or multi-zero tokens. But what I have found is MetaMask doesn’t like them and in many cases will not let me sell. This is really and issue when I have bought low and need to sell quickly when the token is on a price climb. I am not referring to rug pull tokens. Within MetaMask I always get sorry can’t get a quote. So what I have found that I have to do is NOT use Matemask to sell but go through Pancakeswap for example. (Prefer to trade on the BNB blockchain). PancakeSwap is much much flexible than MetaMask.

How are others dealing with selling new or multi-zero tokens?


Hello @TheRavan, welcome to the MetaMask community )

Do you get an issue when selling a token on the DEX when using MetaMask ?
Can you add some screenshots or error output ?


This issue is MM gives Quotes not available much of the time for me so I either have to transfer to Trust wallet and use PanCakeSwap. Or Use PanCakeSwap and connect MM wallet, thus bypassing the MM built-in swap function which uses “Get Quotes”. Even if I set max slippage to 5% I still cant get a quote to sell. Example: On the BNB network I am trying to sell (swap) 1,000,000 Bitrise Token (0x8fff93e810a2edaafc326edee51071da9d398e83). Using PanCakeSwap I have much more control over the slippage which in some cases I have to use 12% to sell but MM only allows 5% which is neve enough to sell.

There is no error codes or message just " Quotes not available". I get the same message on a mobile devices and when using the computer with the MM extension.

I can’t use MM directly to play the market and buy low sell high, so I have no choice but to use PanCakeSwap.

Any insight would be helpful as it has not always been this way with MM for me.


I also use DEX for stuff like this and that’s fine.
We are working on a permanent solution to this.

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Hey @TheRavan, there needs to be sufficient liquidity for the token you are trying to swap for a quote to be available through MetaMask swaps.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


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