Send ETH to Binance from Ronin

Hi everyone!

I send ETH to Binance in a wrong way. Now I see the ETH at the destination, but it never made it to my Binance account.

I did not send them to the wrong wallet, but to one that does not exist. By mistake from ronin I sent it to my binance wallet, replacing the 0x with ronin:

Anyway in the transaction data, my binance wallet appears correctly:

[0]-[_to]: 0xbed1507ea53f4d4461cbd985963c9e229e7b6741
[1]-[_value]: 159300000000000000

Hash: 0xf251dd2b9145de213860c12fa3d5f03f18221a092616b0ff53b884950a62373f

Any ideas?


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any update on this?