From ronin network to binance


Soooo I guess I already know the answer on this “problem” but I thought I would give this a shot.

I wanted to take out ETH from ronin network to binance. And now I cant really confirm the transaction because I dont have money in metamask wallet to confirm it, for the gas fees.

So I bought some ETH, sent to metamask but still “Insufficient funds”.

I kinda thing that Im screwed and my money is gone but as I said, trying my last thing here, with you. I know it said “only send to metamask wallet” but yeah, Im stupid. Dont judge :smiley:

What can I do? Thanks for reading!

Hey @Eiinstein, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Is your ETH on Ronin network? If so, you cannot send it directly to Binance because Binance does not support the Ronin network. You must move the ETH from Ronin to another network that Binance supports.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

When you used Ronin Bridge :confused: it’s lost.
You can’t send ETH from Ronin Bridge to Binance.
As write: only send to MetaMask wallet :fox_face:

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Okay to bad :frowning: Alot of money gone there.

Thanks for a fast answer though!

@Eiinstein now you see pending withdrawal?

Too bad it can’t be canceled :see_no_evil:

Yeah, it says pending. :frowning:

Oh :neutral_face: a lot of people lose money like this.
You have to be very careful when using other networks…

Yeah! Thanks alot though!

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Wierd though. My ETH is gone in the wallet.


Lol seems like someone send the little I had left to a random adress 19 hours ago. Well rip that money to… F this… Getting hacked too and loosing the money from ronin. Im out :stuck_out_tongue:

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