Send ETH to Binance, not received

Hi, I sent ETH (from my polygon wallet) to my Binance wallet. Transaction seems successful but I don’t see the amount in Binance. Did I make a mistake?
My transaction ID is:

I sent today (April 11 2022) at time 15:50 (GMT+3)

Metamask version 10.12.3

If you ask Metamask app version, it is: 10.12.3

Contact Binance support :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a beginner’s mistake :face_with_diagonal_mouth: and metamask can’t give it back.


I dont believe Binance has a Polygon network, so chances are that it’s lost. But reach out to their support as suggested by @Bobby.

Here’s the link:


I just wonder: If Binance doesn’t accept coins through Polygon Network, how did I manage to send and receive MATIC on the same network? Does the problem only occur at ETH?

Im really sorry that happened.

Basically, each EVM compatible chain uses the same method for creating private/public keypairs.
The Secret Recovery Phrase is a human readable version of the private key (also called a seed phrase) The public address you sent it to is technically valid. There just isn’t a way to access it at, current. If Binance adds a polygon compatible chain, your account already exists on it, with those assets in it.

Sending from one blockchain to another requires an access point called a bridge. They change the required backend calls between the two systems to make them compatible.


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