Send UBT to ledger but did not receive

I tried to send UBT tokens to my ledger. Instead of main network it was send by my matic mainnet. This has been 8 hours ago and nothing is shown on my ledger. On etherscan it shows it has been sent but I’m completely in the dark. Please help.

This is what I can find when I turn to the transaction on my metamask, but when you click on it shows an error…


I just found out that when I enter the address where it should have gone to on Etherscan can see that the transaction back on the polygonscan. Is there a way I can get my funds back on my metamask?

This is the address 0x0E307AEA61698Ee7c9524CF39c27F8b1368F5067

I think it’s this one 0x289436d2f1428b98357919d32d0c9b608eb2ba037724789dc91d8701b9175d57