Send usdt on BSC mainet to ERC20 mainet

Hi guys, i have a problem with my transaction. i have usdt on bsc mainet and i send it through Erc20 . The bsc scan show the transaction, but my wallet not receive the token.
The transaction hash is 0x31f392b710a87b826543b3c40c12bffd620ed2570294f4bd18da0056c6be938a

Please post in proper sections

Have you added USDT?

Only native coins are added to a chain by default. Tokens for that chain can be stored, you’ll just need to add them before they’re displayed. See how to here: How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

It is fine just change the network of your wallet and you will see your USDT there. If you still have problem you can ask here.

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